Ylios has more than 25 years of experience as management consultants to leading international companies and major institutions in France and the rest of Europe. Three major components of our business set us apart:

1- Constant development and consistent professional excellence based on innovations in methodology and bringing together in-house and external skills across multiple disciplines.

2- Our market positioning in ‘terra incognita’ and our ability to anticipate the future and to address a very wide spectrum of issues which are critical to our clients.

3- A philosophy based on cooperation and mutual support between partners and consultants, whose input and aspirations are seen as an integral part of our people-centred approach.

The quality of our teams and their understanding of our clients’ needs helps us to select the right consultancy options, to achieve the right balance of strategy and transformation and of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ approaches, and to respond effectively to the complex issues which our clients are confronted with.

“Our clients appreciate the values of mutual support and entrepreneurship underpinning the strategic projects which we develop with them and which are characterised by long-term commitment and risk-sharing

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