Energy and Utilities

Offering strategic insight based on a forward-looking and macro-economic vision of the changes and disruptions to markets and of business models.

The process of transformation which energy operators embarked on some ten years ago in order to respond to the challenges of market deregulation has brought about major changes in the sector.

Even though these transformations are still far from being complete, new challenges are already arising.

The organisational models of national markets, the business models and the organisational structures of the energy operators will inevitably evolve in the face of pressing strategic and financial challenges in order to take account of:

  • The desire of public authorities to undertake an energy and ecological transition which will take the concrete form of:
    • A rebalancing of the energy mix in favour of renewable energies, once an economic model for the sustainable development of these energies has been established.
    • An obligation to improve energy efficiency between now and 2020.
    • An increasingly regionalised approach to energy challenges.
    • The emergence of new market models and incentive mechanisms.
    • An increasing focus on sustainable transport.
  • The need to ensure reliable energy supplies, whether in terms of electricity production or access to upstream gas.
  • The digitalisation of energy: smart energy, convergence of value chains around energy.

These new challenges are all levers of creation of value for our clients.

“Your contribution served both to offer insights into the long-term future and to facilitate comparatively short-term strategic decisions.”

Jean-Marc Dupeyrat

Former Director of Strategy at the Energy France branch of GDF SUEZ