Organisation, Gouvernance et Pilotage

Putting the sharing of responsibility and the efficiency of decision-making processes at the heart of strategy and operational performance.

Companies and institutions have to cater to potentially conflicting needs when structuring their operations:

  • Responsiveness and flexibility in order to react to uncertainty, a client-centred approach, the accelerating pace of change and the high likelihood of sudden disruption.
  • Formally establishing the division of responsibilities and making these divisions explicit and enforceable in complex organisations which are characterised by fragmented value chains both in-house (globalisation, BUs, shared services centres, incubators, funds, etc.) and externally (inclusion in ecosystems, ‘coopetition’, outsourcing, open innovation, etc.).

By taking into account the specific cultural context and the specific circumstances, we are able to clarify and harmonise the components which are essential to ensuring that the key people in the organisation, or in the ecosystem, are accountable:

  • Business model, organisational structure and governance
  • Continuously improving the management system and skills base
  • Strategic and operational challenges, paths to controlling costs, to revenue management and to innovation.

For 25 years, the teams at Ylios have been helping senior French and European executives to conceptualise and adapt their systems of governance, their organisational structures and their management processes in order to confront the challenges of the present and build their projects for the future.